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I am currently working on building Pinkerton for Minecraft. I will post a link to the world once i finish building it.

Spare Notes

For those who want even more out of the experience of I.N.K then just the episode information can find special information found deep within the episodes and other speculated possibilities on the spare notes page.

For all fans and fanatics of I.N.K everywhere across the glode ^_^

The INK Database

Help me reach 200 likes on my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Invisible-Network-of-Kids/227306367295310 and add your support so we can get season 2. It all comes down to your support whether it goes through or not.

The Invisible Network of Kids

INK Pics

I don't own these pics except for the ones i drew which are noted in the picture. Please support the INK petition for season 2 and the official site. Many more pictures will be added over time too so keep an eye out.


Thanks to your support on my fansite, facebook page, youtube channel and here, i have the first suprise ready for you all. The original INK trailer. It was hidden so that only 1 site had it and now, i have found it and brought it here for you to see.


My favorite Total Drama Character

INK Supporters

I would like to give a shout-out to other dedicated supporters of INK like "KatKassidyJr" who supplies the first season complete and in great quality and "JJFox1994" for making fun, amusing and favored videos about INK like "INK the Musical" 1 & 2. Check out their channels on youtube for the videos.