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Episode 1 Features

Armed to the Teeth is the first Episode. Main Theme - Teeth and Oral Hygiene

Weapons & Gadgets - Apparatis, Chewing Gum Mask, Bubblegum Smokescreen.

Students Mainly Involved - Kathy (Victim), Burt (Minor Role), Vin (Victim)

Plot - It starts one day ahead of the event that took place.Kathy woke up one morning to a nightmare from the previous night. It seemed so real. Meanwhile Vin is brought down from his perfect looks due to a pair of apparatis mysteriously placed on him. It also is capable of controlling him and he can be forced to do evil deeds for MacBeth like kidnapping Kathy and the other students at Pinkerton.

Science Club[]

Beauty Throughout the Ages

1 of 26 Science Club Segments

Mr Soper disco.jpg

Mr Soper teaches the class about Fashion throughout the ages by wearing clothes that were fashionable in his time. Using Vin as an example of fashion, his point is made and it shows fashion constantly changes and means nothing in the long run.

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