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Burt is a strong student who attends Pinkerton. He often hangs around Hector and Fred who make up his group. He is shown to prefer strength over knowledge so he isn't very bright. Besides Zero, he is the strongest male student at Pinkerton. He is shown to have a rivalry towards Vin and Zero who seem to get the better of him. He is also shown to have called Zero names (Vampire Face) due to the fact he can't beat her. This is shown when he and his group got hung for picking on Daryl and later in a soccer game. (The Outcast) He is often seen as the Bully at Pinkerton. He does have a softer side as shown by how he loves Van. This eventually leads to him and Van being a couple favorite at Pinkerton.


He has a rivalry with Zero and Vin (Burt the Brute, The Outcast)

His favorite flavor of ice-cream is coconut (Burt the Brute)

He loves Van (Burt the Brute, Lovestruck Stinkbomb)

His group consists of Him, Hector and Fred (Armed to the Teeth, The Outcast)

He likes stuffing smaller kids into Garbage cans (Armed to the Teeth, Burt the Brute)

He fears snakes (Pinkertomb)


His personality should potray him as fearless but many occasions have shown he is anything but.