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Daryl is known as the "Teachers Pet" or "Goodie-too-shoes" who does everything McBeth says which can irritate her sometimes due to his undevided loyalty. Whenever someone disobeys McBeth, he is there to tell her (Despite the fact he gets in trouble himself) In the Episode Ego Ergo he was made to be the leader of "The Shadow Avengers" untill Zero over-ruled him. He has a slight rivalry with Trixie, Zero, Newton and Vin but doesn't deal with it like enemies would. When everyone throws things in McBeths class, he usually just sits there and acts worried


He was 1 of 4 members of "The Shadow Avengers" (Ego Ergo)

He loves McBeth (The Truth, The Whole Truth, Lovestruck Stinkbomb)

He tells on other students (The Outcast, Back to the Past) probably due to him being picked on often. (The Outcast)