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Miss Sadie MacBeth is a teacher at Pinkerton, she aims to have full control of Pinkerton but is rivalled by The Invisible Network of Kids. She is assisted by a goldfish called Vagner. She isn't very bright but usually comes up with extreme schemes and harsh punishments in order to make the kids of Pinkerton her slaves and make their lives miserable. She also gives out Zero's in marks as often as she can (Even if it is unfairly). Also gives out countless lines for being late to class. She hides her horrible personality from Mr Soper who never seems to catch on or be involved so he remembers. She always is seen with green shades on her abnormally long pointy nose. It is revealed that she had a bad childhood which lead to her horrible temper and hatred for children. She does have a lonely side to her shown in various episodes highlighting musical talents.


She has a goldfish called Vagner (Armed to the teeth)

She fears children (Pinkertomb)

She hates food with taste (A strict diet)

She has a musical side (Mice and kids, Round up the usual suspects)

She was a famous childrens singer (Round up the usual suspects)

Her evil plans are from someone else (Various Episodes)

She hates holidays (Pinkertomb, Santa Claws)

She formed a counter INK called "The Shadow Avengers" (Ego Ergo)

Her first crush was called "Gopher" (The Truth, The Whole Truth)

She used to be called "Iggle Kitten" (The Truth, The Whole Truth)


Whenever she figures out who INK is, she seems to forget in subsequent episodes.

Her plans always fail which seems impossible with technology like that.

She never tries more conventional methods to identify INK e.g Voice recognition, Clothing identification etc. This would make it much easier to catch them because it doesn't disturb them while doing so.