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Mr Cosmo Soper is the principal at Pinkerton and one of 2 teachers total with the other teacher being Miss Sadie McBeth. He is very friendly towards everyone which can leave him oblivious to what goes on around him. He has brown hair and wears glasses. As the principal of Pinkerton, he is often in charge of activities the students do and has been the victim of McBeth's inventions unknowingly as McBeth tries to kick him out. He is by far the favorite teacher at Pinkerton. Vote 19 to 1 in favor of Mr Soper. Have a wild guess at who would be the "1" side.


He may know the identity of Vin's Parents (The Truth The Whole Truth)

He is facinated by butterfly's (The Butterfly Effect, Donkey Tales)

He is afraid of being dumb, this spans from someone called Sauncy Dunbell (Pinkertomb)

He actually expelled McBeth once but had her back at Pinkerton within the episode (The Ghost of Pinkerton)

He once teamed up with Vin and Zero to save Pinkerton (What's Up Doc?)


He is virtually never around to see how Evil McBeth is... How unfortunate.

His belief factor of the unexplainable is bad, but his response isn't too bad either.