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Character Bio

Name: Newton

Gender: Male

Age: Approxamately 10 years

Likes: Gadgets, Practical Jokes, Friendship, Science, Challenges, Sweet Foods

Dislikes: Violence, Loneliness

Fears: Toilet Paper Mummies

Bio: A young boy with an up-beat personality and a 100% average grade who is always ready to ask questions and answer any he has himself. His father is a famous scientist who never had much time for Newton and is also a bit of a klutz like Newton. He also loves to tinker with new experiments and practical jokes as long as they are seemingly harmless and is never afraid to use them to help I.N.K whenever it is needed.


He used Purified Carbolic acid and Cough Syrup to divert Mr Soper while Zero checked for Vin's dental record by creating pink smoke (Armed to the teeth)

He has an IQ of 240 (The Sleeper Agent)

He gets a 100% average at Pinkerton (The Sleeper Agent)

He named his rabbit Einstein (The Robot Rabbit Group)

He loves practical joke gadgets and joke trinkets (Mice and Kids)

He loves Sweet Foods (A strict diet)

He has a crush on Trixie (Lovestruck Stinkbomb)

He is the second youngest at Pinkerton, next to Little Fred (The Sleeper Agent)

He is somewhat clumsy including his mis-perfections of his inventions (Saving Agent Newton)

He fears "Haia the toilet paper mummy" (Pinkertomb)


He gets Zeros from Miss McBeth which technically counteracts his perfect 100% average showing it only applies to Mr Sopers Class (The Butterfly Effect)