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Pinkerton is a fictional school set-up in a fictional location somewhere in France. The School has 20 students and 2 Teachers attending it throughout Season 1.

It is a large space which has a cafeteria, a yellow and orange house for students to sleep in overnight, a greenhouse classroom where Mr Sopper teaches, an alternative blue building where McBeth teaches and sleeps which is joined at the top to the yellow building. It also has a huge forest area for fieldwork, agricultural work and all general purposes.

If you were to look around just inside the gate, you would notice the courtyard with the same equipment that normal public schools provide.

Trivia (Episode for fact in brackets)

It has been said the town the school is located in or near is called "Citercity" (Patient Zero) Recess starts at 10:45am on school days (Armed to the teeth)

It is an experimental school (The Butterfly Effect)

Halloween is celebrated therefore it is in a country that actually celebrates it. (Pinkertomb)

Flaws (Episode for flaw in brackets)

Buildings seem out of place as they are presented (Various Episodes)