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Character Bio 

Name: Trixie

Gender: Female

Age: Approxamately 11

Skills: Problem Solving, Planning, Chess

Likes: Order, Friendship

Dislikes: Disorder, Animals, Practical Jokes

Fears: "Tick-Tock the Metronome"

Bio: An ambitious girl who is level-headed and practical with everything she does with her exceptional intellect and problem solving skills, she always help I.N.K find a way to 

get the job done right. She struggled to find order at home with her disco dancing parents so she maintains order at Pinkerton with everything including her own lifestyle. She is also shown to be a chess prodigy.


She doesn't like caring for pets. (The Robot Rabbit Group)

She has a poster of a globe on her bedroom wall. (The Robot Rabbit Group)

Her parents are disco singers. (Saving Agent Newton)

Ironically has her own disco outfit with looks like her mothers style (The Sleeper Agent)

She fears a metronome called Tick Tock. (Pinkertomb)

She is exceptional at chess (The Queens Game)