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Trixie is a smart girl that goes to Pinkerton. She relies on her logical thinking and quick descisions to help others.

This determines her as the co-ordinator of INK during their missions. She always wears a red headband and standard girls clothes. Her parents are disco singers and dancers with their own crew and tours so they don't have much time for Trixie. This is why she is at Pinkerton. She always has a purple pen on her which is a communication device to other INK members.


She doesn't like caring for pets. (The Robot Rabbit Group)

She has a poster of a globe on her bedroom wall. (The Robot Rabbit Group)

Her parents are disco singers. (Saving Agent Newton)

She fears a metronome called Tick Tock. (Pinkertomb)

Apparently, she has matching clothes and bags for each day of the week. (Start of each episode)


She is sometimes potrayed as cold-hearted which is all out-of-character (Robot Rabbit Group & Mission Forgotten?)