13cat1 Wiki

Character Bio

Name: Vincent

Gender: Male

Age: Approxamately 11

Skills: Charisma, Physical Mobility

Likes: Attention, Personal Appearance, Friendship, Rabbits

Dislikes: Being Alone, Rejection, Bullies, Being Ugly

Fears: His mother (Ironic)

Bio: A proud young boy who always likes to look his best on every occasion favouring looks over many things to match his ego. Despite all that, he still values his friends dearly and is willing to put his life (and hair) on the line to help I.N.K anyway he can. He has no knowledge about his parents or his history and is left wondering what happened to them and whether he will see them again.


He has a tantrum if the barbrar cuts his hair 1/100th of an inch short. (Armed To The Teeth)

He has a crush on Zero (Voodoo Shampoo, Lovestruck Stinkbomb, The Outcast)

His two Bunnies were named Boopsie and Doopsie. (The Robot Rabbit Group)

He is rivals with Burt (Burt the Brute)

He founded the Invisible Network of Kids (The New Student)

He fears his mother. (Pinkertomb)

He is an orphan (The New Student, Round up the Usual Suspects)

He has a lockette from his mother (Santa Claws)


There is talk on the fact that Trixie is the leader of INK despite Vin being the founder of INK originally. (Ego Ergo)

He fears his mother but he wants to find his parents and even stated that personally to Zero (The Truth, The Whole Truth, Santa Claws)